About J&J's Bargain Barn


We started J & J's Bargain Barn Autos because we felt our area was missing a customer friendly, full stop shop for everyone. A place that services the established, down to the young first time buyer and everyone in between. The "Big Lots" we had worked with in town always seemed to cater to certain people, leaving others without options. We were always stuck, either not able to provide the right priced car or unable to find adequate financing for those with credit problems. We had an opportunity to start J & J's in June of 2012 and took that opportunity, starting only with one employee and four cars on the lot. Now we employ around six people full time including an ASE Certified mechanic, Auto Detail professional, lot maintenance man, office staff, etc. Our business has grown quickly, from local support, by providing the best quality vehicles in town for the money. We are always here to help out locals with their automobile needs from sales to repair work. So come on down to J& J's where you too can get a bargain of a deal!!

Our storefront